"I found Darlene to be very enthusiastic, perceptive and accommodative. Her dedication to the project resulted in a house I love to call my home."

- Flo Crosbie

Living Rooms

Stainless Stunner

This living room was small and had a fireplace, but no pizzaz. Open to the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, we presented a natural option. Now, with deep purple edges and basket-woven stainless steel strips, the fireplace demands attention and gives the room and its funky furniture a unique presence.

Traveller's Retreat

This large cottage living room had some great potential with wonderful showpieces and a beautiful view of the lake, but was too scattered to be enjoyed. Large autumn coloured slate tile flooring and a tidier floorplan were key in bringing things together. In addition, support posts were brought to proper scale, a custom metal railing felt safer and a stone fireplace unified with the floor for an overall more relaxing atmosphere.

Feeding the Fire

This tired, inefficient fireplace was in dire need of an update. A rough hewn barn-board beam took over as the mantle, coordinating nicely with cultured stone in greens and golds. A much more flattering paint job and ceiling lighting brought this room to life.

Brash to Beauty

A typical duck-to-swan story, the new owners of this living room simply hated the attention this fireplace received only because it was the one bright white item in the room. The moulded panels cried out for 2x2 tile that gave the inspiration for the two-toned paint colour scheme, meshing much nicer with the brown brick backdrop. Re-framed artwork and newly upholstered large-scale furnishings centre around the now suitable and handsome focal point.
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